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Song of The Week: J. Cole - Nobody's Perfect (ft. Missy Elliott)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Preparations, Realizations and Manifestations

This will not be a hip-hop post. That will come later. Just some things on my mind I need to get off.

This past week, was very strange to me. A lot of things happened in a short period of time. Both major and minor changes occured. I am not proud of myself for some of the things i did or said this week but the past is in the past. But i feel as if I will not feel better until i reflect on it.

At the beginning of the week, based on a 27 minutes conversation with my mother, I feel as it had the closest we've been for the duration of my life (minus the whole suckling thing; emotional connection people). It was about my grades last semester and how she's proud of me regardless but she knows I can do better. After the conclusion of that conversation, I missed home (my actual house) for the first time after being at Carolina (minus the bed and showering without shoes thing. Again, emotional connections, people). The week progessed and minute mental breakdowns started occuring. The work load with my classes. My personal relationships. Nothing seemed to be cohesive. The highlight of my week, when Big Boi came to perform, seemed to be clouded by all of the stress I was under. One of my favorite activities on campus is not the same as last semester and I don't know if i still want to be part of it.

And it all came crashing down this weekend when the separation of me and my first love after nearly 8 months but it was time because i felt as if the reciprocity in our relationship was nonexistent. Love will take time to fade. Forgetting with never happen.

There's a hard place between whom I consider one of my good friends over some bulls**t on both of our accords and have no idea how to rectify the situation. I woke up Saturday morning with the largest headache for no apparent reason, sickly just, what the f**k. I dont' know what it was. But later that night, I did some really dumb stuff that included falsey observing someone's reaction of absolutely nothing and then texting about it. This situation completly backfired and I again, returned to my state of feeling like sh*t. Then my newfound buddy, Lane Snipes, gave me some encouraging words in my time of self-loathing and honestly at the time, I couldn't shake the all of the feelings of negativity but now, i'm so encouraged and empowered about my week, semester, life ahead of me. My 19th birthday is in 5 days and i'm ready to celebrate just that: Life. It's not supposed to be easy. I know too many people that haven't made it to see 19. Challenges were designed for me to overcome. God wouldn't put anything in my path I couldn't handle. I'm ready for this next semester. I'm ready for tomorrow. I'm doing what I shall always do for the rest of my life: Carpe Diem. I thank God for putting people in my life that truly care about me. I just know that all will work out for the best. I will never cease to be grateful and to return that same love shown to me.

Peace, Love and much,
☮ ♥


(P.S. Did i ever say Thank you? i didnt'? THANK U DREADSLIONROAR)

Monday, January 24, 2011


As you can tell by the capitalization in the title, i'm  ecstatic about half of the dynamic duo of Outkast, Big Boi, to arrive at UNC this Wednesday. I shall be completing all of my homework  by Tuesday in order to attend. And to all of the people saying they're not going because Andre 3000 won't be there, so da fuk what? Big Boi has established himself as a rapper pre-and post-Stankonia. Everyone SLEPT on this album. Every song is good. So, fine. Don't show up. You're gonna miss one hell of a show. I've dedicated this week's Song of the Week as well as Video of the Week to Sir Lucious Leftfoot. The Song of the Week may be my absolute favorite of the album, Sir Lucious Leftfoot: The Son of Chico Dusty. The vid is an Outkast dance classic with Big Boi in the forefront. Enjoy. Also, if you haven't heard his latest album, you're lost. But, do not fret! At the end of this entry, I'll leave the entire track list underneath with asterisks next to my favorites. I'm telling you, after you listen to these songs, you're going to want to buy a ticket and the album!

Peace, Love and much,

☮ & ♥

1. Feel Me (Intro)
2. Daddy Fat Sax
3. Turns me On (ft. Sleepy Brown & Joi)
4. Follow Us (ft Vonnegutt)
5. Shutterbug (ft. Cutty)
6. General Patton*
7. Tangerine* (ft. T.I. & Khujo Goodie)
8. You Ain't No DJ (ft. Yelawolf)
9. Hustle Blood (ft. Jaime Foxx)
10. Be Still (ft. Janelle Monae)*
11. Fo Yo Sorrows (Ft. George Clinton, Too $hort & Sam Chris)
12. Night Night (Ft. B.o.B & Joi)*
13. Shine Blockas (ft. Gucci Mane)
14. The Train Pt. 2
15. Back Up Plan*

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The (In)famous Onika Tanya Maraj

          I told you all it was coming: the Nicki talk. Where to start…. Perhaps with some blatant undeniable facts. She is the only female rapper with a deal that’s doing it right now (no one else within the Top 10 Billboard since 2002). It only took one week for her first album, Pink Friday, to go Platinum. So, why all the nay sayers?

          Some people don’t like her image. Says that she’s too fake and has no problem with flaunting with what she’s got (whether she purchased said assets is irrelevant to this writer). To those that use this argument, I say, you know for a fact that sex sells. And who knows? Maybe she changed her appearance for personal reasons, completely unrelated to her place in the industry (again, answer to this question is irrelevant to this writer). Doesn't matter. Has nothing to do with her lyrical inclination. Others say her voice is annoying when she does what I’ll call maniacal rapping. I mean yea, it does hinder you from understanding what’s she’s saying half the time. But, we still listen to reggae, do we not? And it’s different. People need variety in there lives. If not, everything starts sounding like a Soulja Boy track...Then, there were/are rumors that’s she is bisexual. Again, who cares? These are just scapegoats to avoid addressing what’s important: does she have skills?

          In my opinion, yes, indeed she does. Ms. Minaj has proven it countless times on her mixtapes and songs she’s featured on. I can provide a list and links to songs I think is her best work. In fact, I shall. ☺I’m not saying she’s a better rapper than Lil Kim, Trina, Foxy Brown, Da Brat, Eve. I’m not talking about them. I’m just trying to establish Nicki’s cred. You have to admit that she’s the hottest one to do it in a while, with or without a vagina. As for other female MC’s, I’ve never been that much of a Trina fan, mostly because I wasn’t really exposed to her and was raised with Lil Kim and Foxy. But, i digress. This is about Nicki Minaj!

          I’m not a diehard Nicki fan, waiting all night for tickets or something or on Team Nicki. I’m just saying she deserves her props. She's only female rapper in the game right now and she's holding her own! Can’t deny it. All I’m asking of you to look past her exterior and listen to some or all of these tracks. If you still don’t think she’s good, I think your present disdain for her is hindering you from enjoying her music. Or, I am completely wrong and she’s a no talent having plastic chick with a record deal who needs to shut the f**k up with all this Barbie ish. Either way, you know you want to click on these links. ;)

Features (You should know these...):

Her own ish:
Finale (from Barbie World) (stop listening after Nicki. I beg you...)

Peace, Love and much,
☮ & ♥


Thursday, January 13, 2011

New, Local Blood

So, before I write/post my blog on the (in)famous Nicki Minaj, I got some new blood for you. Name’s J. Rowdy, fellow UNC student.

This second kid i've known for a min. Name's Mech One (formerly known as Kid Kal). Check him out.

It’s a little rough but what can you do? You be the judge, I’m just the Hermes of this Hip-Hop game. Give 'em your feedback.

Peace, Love and much,
☮ & ♥


The Eutrophication of Lake Hip-Hop

            I deeply dislike the fact that when I state I’m a Hip-Hop fan to someone, I have to go into further detail about what I mean when I say ‘Hip-Hop’. It’s as if I have to instantly clarify that I mean NOT what is in heavy rotation on the radio, but must list such rappers (or duos) as Lupe Fiasco, Wale, B.o.B, J. Cole, etc. For the older heads, Mos Def, Talib, Eric B and Rakim, etc. I just can’t get down with most of mainstream music these days.
Let’s break down this word ‘mainstream’ using my background in environmental science and beyond. ‘Main’: the current (pun intended) or most popular of an anything in particular. ‘Stream’: Based on the present state of some hip-hop that’s considered the most popular, the stream I’m referring to can be of foul-smelling piss. But, I’ll try to put it a little nicer. Think of the water in a stream as radio waves. And each song by each individual artists is organic matter (yeah, I’m a nerd. get used to it). As more crappy ass songs, mediocrity (I’m being VERY generous here) such as Travis Porter, Soulja Boi, Roscoe Dash, Waka Flocka Flame, gets radio play, this matter, very similar to to what exits your ass, pollutes our music stream and the eutrophication of Hip-Hop occurs.
Let me just say, nothing is wrong with these….people IF the purpose is to get your ass to shake. I just can't bring myself to call them 'artists'. But, that is not the purpose of Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop is meant to educate while entertain in the process. Even if it doesn’t exactly educate, it’s not wackness like “I be going ham, shawty upgrade from bologna”. This education does not include the rhythmic version of ‘Simon Says’ where we learn such dance moves as the John Wall or the Reject. The flow is sick and it makes sense, full of clever rhetoric and metaphors, play on words and such. Hip-Hop is not what is used to be but, let’s not bestow the title on anything or anyone that can afford or make a track with a hot beat and talk over it (or yell or make gunshot noises and other forms of onomatopoeia).
Now, this process is very difficult to reverse. With all of the pollution in the Lake Hip-hop, the only way to reverse this process is to add some legitimate music to the ‘stream’. This can happen with such artists as already listed in the intro plus Slaughterhouse, Jay Electronica, Bun B, Little Brother, Big Sean, etc. And in large quantities. I mean we’re going to assign values, all of Soulja Boi’s last album can be worth 1 of ANY Lupe’s songs when it comes down to quality of  real Hip-Hop.  Let’s go to the imaginary Pawn Shop of Hip-Hop with the mighty KRS-One behind the counter and see what you can get with 10 songs by Flocka. Some 25 cent gum, perhaps? Maybe you can get some Airheads (again, pun intended), if you’re lucky. Cause if the basis of your hip-hop knowledge is a shallow as Soulja Boi or OJ da Juiceman (really? that’s the name he chose? wtf…), then maybe you should do some self-evaluating.
Like a said, I started this blog to do some exposing and some eye opening, hopefully. I’ll post links to music if you ask. I’ll have a Song of the Week, just to display some the most underrated artists of today. But, to do your part in to clean up Lake Hip-Hop, request people already on the radio, providing good music, like your Talib’s and Cool Kids. Clean up this catastrophe that’s degrading on hip-hop. Maybe the pubing of legit artists, some of the underground and underrated can rise to the surface. But, if  we don’t do anything, who will?

Some good music for ya ears : ) enjoy

Peace, Love and Much,
☮ & ♥


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Problem I have with BET

actual date:
December 22, 2010

            It was the evening time, just days before Christmas and I challenged myself to turn to channel 59, 704 area channel for BET, often referred to as Black Embarrassment Television within the circle I roll in. At the time, a special called "BET: 30 Years" was being broadcasted. The special recapped what the majority of popular and influential Black Americans deemed to be important moments in Black History which was publicized on BET. Moments included when Jay-Z sold out Madison Square Garden, the day the Rodney King case was decided on, Haiti, etc. What pushed me to write this blog was one event they covered: September 11, 2000, the premiere of 106 & Park: Top 10 Countdown.
            First of all, I scarcely watch BET anymore. The only times I do are to watch such movies as “Brown Sugar” and “Soul Food”. Classics. What can I say? Now, I can’t stand to watch it based on the programming that they show such as the reality television shows and in recent years, 106 & Park. Why? I feel as if music, specifically Black music is not properly represented on the show. I am a big fan of hip-hop and R&B, just not the majority of the music played on the radio, which in turn means I’m not going to like the music played on 106.   
            I remember, close to 10 years ago now, when BET was about the music. Such shows like Rap City: The Basement, Video Soul, the 3 hours block of music. Just Music. I miss it. And back in the day, that was the “E” in Black Entertainment Television. That was enough. It’s still enough, if BET starts showing more music again. Which brings be back to 106 & Park. I turned to the show and heard (and hopefully never again) pure crap. I didn’t know or like 7 of the 10 songs on the countdown! All I’m asking for is a little more real music on the countdown.  A little more Ledisi, more Janelle Monae, Lupe, Mos. Is that so much to ask?

Peace, Love and much Mo

☮ & ♥

****Blog about the parameters of music/what we consider to be music today soon!****

One Time for the City....

What up, World. I've waited too long to start this blog. My goal is to write about passions of mine and hopefully shine some light on some such topics as music (mostly hip-hop and what it is to me), people, poetry, school, etc.  Also, upon request, I'll be happy to review some the latest albums. Raw. No sugar-coating here. I have a lot to say and hopefully, you all would like to listen. First blog will be up soon.

Peace and Love,


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