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Song of The Week: J. Cole - Nobody's Perfect (ft. Missy Elliott)

Monday, February 28, 2011

On Lupe's Jock

So, until the release of Lazers , I'm gonna be all Lupe Fiasco, all the time, on his jock, whatever. This is the most anticipated album since, maybe, Whitney Houston's comeback CD. Yeah, on that scale. So, if I seem a bit obsessive, I am. and i'm ready for this frigin album! I've provided the link for pre-order. Don't spazz the fuck out when you get a pop-up. The pre-order is through iTunes so, it's just making sure you allow it. SUPPORT GOOD ARTISTS! and remember Love Always Shines Everytime and Remember to Smile!

Peace, love and
☮ & ♥


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

12 Hip-Hop Artist you need to be listening to If you're not

Plain and simple. Leh'go. (In no specific order)

1. J. Cole - Who Dat was just the tip of the iceberg. That's not even his best track. Plus, you need to cop Nigga from the Ville (I Really Mean It Freestyle) & The Warm Up (Lights Please).  He's actually doing mainstream some good. One of my favorites right now. Friday Night Lights (Before I'm Gone & Enchanted ft. Omen) is a must. Putting North Carolina back on the map (started with the next artists listed) Get at him.

2. Little Brother - Groups like Little Brother remind me that Hip-Hop isn't dead. You just have to do a bit of excavating before you find anything good. Listen and you'll get it. Thought they are now disbanded, the Hip-Hop duo (once trio with producer 9th Wonder), Phonte and Big Pooh from North Carolina, their music lives on via thier last album, Leftback (Table for Two), ...And Justus for All (Stylin') and another LP, The Minstrel Show (The Becoming). Again, they have more genius. These are just some my favorites.

3. The Cool Kids - This duo from Chicago has sick lyrics and the beat makes you bounce. They have an ol school flow to them and it's hot. It's the Best of Both worlds. Must cop The Bake Sale (What Up Man), Cool Ass Ninjas (Chicago Zoo) & Gone Fishing (Schoolin'). Those are my favorites but they also have Tacklebox & Merry Christmas out.  A must must MUST listen.

4. Mos Def - OOHHH. Don't tell me you forgot he rapped just because he was in a couple of movies! The New Danger (Sex, Love & Money)? The Ecstatic aka MOST UNDERRATED album of 2009?? Please... He's still got it. Take a listen. You will be pleased. Casa Bey off of The Ecstatic . Real Hip-Hop. Point. Blank. Period.

5. Talib Kweli- A veteran in the Hip-Hop game but it's never to late to start listening. If your looking for some newer stuff, he and producer, Hi-Tec (together named Reflection Eternal) put out one the hottest & underrated Hip-Hop albums of 2010 entitled Revolutions Per Minute (In The Red,Got Work In This World, this continues for the entirety of the album). Work your way back to classics such as Eardrum (Hostile Gospel Pt. 2) & The Beautiful Struggle (Never Been In Love). It's a little something you're not used to called "quality Hip-Hop". Enjoy.

6. Wale - Please don't discredit Wale after being on "No Hands". Mind you, a part of my heart died as well but Fly Away Vol. 1 (Beast) and then the features on Attention: Deficit (Prescription) are crazy. Forgive him after you give these songs and mixtapes a listen. He's pretty much pierced the mainstream but you gotta listen to More about Nothing (The Friends Strangers) and Back to the Feature (Life's a Bitch ft. Talib Kweli & Joell Ortiz). Gotta love Wale Folarin. No days off! 

7. Lupe Fiasco - I am soooo biased because I consider Lupe Fiasco one of the greatest lyricist of our time. He's conscious, clever and a lyrical genius. He is in a class of his own. I also consider The Cool the greatest album of 2008. PERIOD. If i had to pick my favorite track from this album, it would have to be Dumb it Down. As for mixtapes Enemy of the State (Yoga Flame & Say Something Freestyle), Before There Were Lazers (This is for my Niggas), Da Exam (Theme Music to a DriveByAnd He Gets the Girl) nothing bad to say here. Don't believe me? Educate yo'self and listen. And please order the much anticipated Lazers album to drop March 8th (available for pre-order on iTunes!). It's sure not to disappoint. Just everything is good! I hate choosing! Ok, officially off Lupe's dick, for now. On to the next one.

8. B.o.B - B.o.B aka Bob aka Bobby Ray is doing big things. He's a very diverse artist: He plays guitar, can write slow jams, straight hip-hop to a  pop track. Airplanes is basic compared to tracks on mixtapes like Gangsta Grillz or May 25th (B is for B.o.B & Surprise Me)  and the rest of the album The Adventures of Bobby Ray Plus his latest mixtape, No Genre (Batman Flow  & So-So) He's different but, give him a listen anyway.

9. Kendrick Lamar - Now, my seasoned ears are new to Kendrick Lamar but, I like what i hear. All I've heard by him is Overly Dedicated (Cut You Off) and it was decent. He's got potential.

10. Jay Electronica - If you haven't heard Exhibit C, you must have been living under a rock for the past 2 years. Especially if you are an avid Boondocks watcher. Now, does it sound familiar? Well, it gets better. I haven't heard much since his mixtape, Victory but it's plenty. Nearly 30 tracks. You'll be fine. Enjoy

11. Diggy Simmons - I know you remember Run's House on MTV. The cute kid with braces? Yeah, that same is now only 15 and is siiiiick on the mic. And i do NOT say that lightly. Need proof? Listen to his freestyle over Shook Ones. It's hot. I'm just as surprised as you are. But he's the real deal. You know you want to just click it to see if i'm bullshittin'. I'm not. :)

12. Slaughterhouse - Raw as hell. Consisting of Joe Budden, Royce da 5'9, Joell Ortiz and Crooked I from all over the map, this group is bring you fire. I was sold on the self titled mixtape with tracks like Cuckoo and Microphone. Must get The Break Through which is all of the artists doing their own thing but great features of themselves and others (Hard in the Paint Freestyle). Hard hittin' shyt. 

And there you have it. The top 12 necessities need for you health and mp3. Enjoy and support good music!

Peace, Love and
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In and Out

Don't know if anyone is paying attention but Lil Kim is releasing her mixtape targeted at Nicki Minaj called "Black Friday" today. Um, it's Monday but i digress. (May do a review at a later date). Is she even relevant anymore to talk shit about Nicki? I mean, when she was on, her time, Junior Mafia, early-mid 90s, she was really The Queen Bee. But now? Mz. Kim, you haven't put out anything remotely worthy since 1998 (really 1999 with Mobb Deep. You remember Quiet Storm). So, i'll keep it short and sweet.

Lil' Kim, Please sit down.

Peace, love and much,
☮ & ♥


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why Pretty Nasty got shut down (THE REAL REASON)

On special request from some of my good friends, they told me to post this theory of mine on my blog. I said, why not? It's my friggin blog. So, here's my theory on why Pretty Nasty got shut down 2 weekends ago.

First of all, I was there, dressed to impress. Twas a big event. I think 89.6% of the undergraduate Black population was going, or trying to go, to the Omega Psi Phi 2nd Pretty Nasty party ever held at the mighty UNC.  I had my ticket in advance, as well as my girls. We arrive around 10:30 pm and there is already a thick line, packed with people. I immediately felt overdressed due to the amount of clothes I had on but, i digress. Line already full. I don't recognize a helluva lot of people, partly (small part) because i'm a freshie, mostly because people already waiting in line didn't pre-order a ticket  and/or didn't go to UNC (remember this, tis very important to my theory). So, i get in line. See frats getting priority and already allowed to enter the party. This I didn't mind. More eye candy for me (only for the eyes. I had a boyfriend at the time). They try to open the doors with their rent-a-cop security. EVERYONE's pushing everyone. I try to respond with a 'I push back' but in retrospect, it was cold as hell so, thank you eager beavers for providing body heat.

I finally enter, get my little purple wristband, do a couple upperclassmen meet and greets and I head into the party. DJ Bobby Drake was on the 1's and 2's, just getting warmed up. As customary for Black parties, males posted up on the outskirts, looking for the shortest skirts and the biggest asses to dance with/have sex on the dancefloor (whatever. I don't judge. If you got it, flaunt it. There is a limit but that's another entry...). I head towards the middle, dancing a bit, just enjoying the music. Slowly but surely, the room get's more and more packed, the men moving closer to us ladies dancing, working it. Someone came on stage saying how some people were letting others in without a ticket. NOT okay but they weren't about to ruin my happy so, I partied on. Right RIGHT when the DJ was done warming up, the Q's grouped together, strolling, the lights get cut on, the dirty dancing seized, and it was announced that the police are shutting the party down.

um, DA FUK?

I paid $10 for this party and I only danced with about 3 people so, with a bit of mathematic calculations, that averages out to only 2 dollars worth of twerking. I AM getting a refund, right? That money could have easily went to laundry (though I still had my ish clean) or a better meal earlier during the week (it's a struggle, shit..) and the party was shut down because people were fighting outside because they couldn't get in. I admit. I would be pissed too if I paid for a party and couldn't get in. All of those people who got there early without a ticket did NOT get in or they were sneaked but again, I digress. What I found out later is someone pulled out a gun in line and the police was forced to shut down the entire party in fear of others in possession of firearms.


Why in the hell did you think I came to Carolina? Yes, it's a prestigious school, known for it's quality education and opportunities for it's decent price (in state). But a main consideration was to avoid an excess of niggas!

Yes, our fellow nigga. Mind you, they can be of any race because the word 'nigga' simply means 'ignorant mother f**ker that does dumb shit because he/she an ignorant mother f**ker' but in this case, I mean Black people who are also niggas. Just so we are clear, from now on, Black people means African-Americans that are non-niggas. And niggas mean 'Black people who are ignorant mother f**kers that do dumb shit because they are ignorant mother f**kers'


The reason Pretty Nasty of 2011 at UNC was shut down because the nigga to Black people ratio was exceeded. Plain and simple.

Now, at any average day at Carolina, the Nigga to Black people ratio is about 1:12. (Mind you, this incidents of nigga shit [also known to some as 'coonery'] doesn't not mean you are always a nigga, just moments in life when you act like a nigga. Pretty Nasty was one of those nigga moments in life). The night of Pretty Nasty, the ratio jumped from 1:12 to 1:6. How, you may ask did this ratio increase by 50%. Non-Carolina students. I hope I don't sound like I hate my race. Cause I really don't. At all. I dislike instances where we could have done better. What compelled you to bring a gun to a campus party?? What exactly did you think was going to happen that you couldn't sort out the old fashion way, with your fists? I don't know but, whoever you are, you ruined the night for everyone. It was the first major party since we got back from break, a way have a banging start to the New Year. Not a literally banging start to the New Year with SOMEONE bring friggin glocks on our campus. Just.....why?

Again, I don't want to come off like I hate my race. I really don't. Just don't do dumb shit that you know is stupid and fulfill negative stereotypes. We're in college. Adults! Act the fuck like it! I know this is overdue but my grades come first and I was indeed hesitant to post this but, yup don't care. A lot of people are about to dislike what I said and, again, don't care. It needed to be said. So, there you go. My fellow Black people and niggas, we just have to do better. And we can. So let's do as such.

Peace, love and much,
☮ & ♥


**P.S: There are more than one definition of 'nigga'. This entry addressed the 'ignorant' aspect of the word Nigga. Future explanation will come later. Deuces**