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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

FREE CONCERT AT UNC!! jk. Snoop is pro-rape

What up, readers. Got a story to tell. So, yesterday, a friend of mine invited me to a taping of my school's student produced show, Carolina Conversations to have a panel discussion about Snoop Dogg not being allowed to perform at UNC. Let me start by giving a bit of background.

About a month ago, over Facebook, BulletStorm (of EA Games), held a contest in order to promote the soon-to-be-released game. The winner of the contest would get a free concert put on by Snoop Dogg. The way to participate in said contest was to log into your Facebook, accept the application's terms and vote for your respective school by simply clicking 'vote' daily, liking BulletStorm's Facebook page, watching a promotional video daily and even pre-ordering the game. Just to be clear, participants were able to vote multiple times (I had a total of 32 votes after about 2 weeks).


UNC, with all of our school pride and the will just to beat other local schools, won the contest by a landslide. I was excited. Shit, it's a free concert. The CUAB, UNC's entertainment events coordinating club, was in contact with EA games but it is still unclear exactly why Snoop Dogg isn't allowed to perform on campus. The concert is to be held in the nearby (ha.) Raleigh Amphitheater on April 23rd. Students who participated in the voting process of the contest get first priority tickets but anyone who attends UNC will get in for free. Shuttles from campus to the concert will also be provided.

The Daily Tar Heel, the slighted yet mostly heavily read newspaper on campus, published numerous articles giving what I call bullshit excuses, I mean reasons he wasn't allowed to hold the concert on campus. One of them being lack of time to plan. Another being money. First of all, even people who don't even attend UNC know that we are one of most heavily funded public universities in North Carolina. How that money is divided and distributed is a different story but I digress. Money is a bs excuse. We got it but don't want to use it for Snoop.

Next, there was talk and verbal attacks made in regards to Snoop Dogg being an advocate for "Rape Culture". For those who don't know what Rape Culture, in short it means Black men and/or music that promote misogynistic views. There were claims that bringing Snoop would be encouraging the Rape Culture mentality. Also the fact that he is a known marijuana connoisseur, only havoc would only follow while and after he visited the campus!

Really, tho?

The very same friend, named Ebony Hagans, that invited me to the to-be-broadcasted discussion, received verbal attacks via Facebook after she created an event for making people aware that Snoop isn't allowed to perform on campus and urging them to protest against it. The person that messaged her claimed that she was pro-rape.

Da Fuck?

I don't know who said person was to come at my girl like that but if you don't like Snoop Dogg that much, don't go to the effin' concert. Just because people want to Snoop to come to school doesn't mean those individuals are pro-rape. That's very poor association based on a very minute bit of information. I know me, personally, voted because one of my favorite words is "free" and I listen to Snoop every once in a while. It would be fun to get a concert towards the end of the semester. Plus, I didn't want Duke or State to win (school pride, what can i say?). I think all of this opposition against him coming is just racism from those that run this school from up top and those students opposing it using the scapegoat of rape culture are in the same boat.

I also feel that UNC denying the opportunity for Snoop to perform on campus is blatant disregard to the wants of the student population. Granted, it is not known how many student actually participated but, the fact is, we won and we voted. Shouldn't are vote count for something? If we can't be considered for something as simple and harmless as a concert, how can be taken seriously about such things as the Non-gender specific housing going on right now on campus?

Plus, if you're were or are currently a UNC student, you know how the P2P gets. Who wants to deal with the select few swasted and/or high people on a stuffed shuttle for about 30 minutes as we head to the concert. Not me. Notice I said select few. You know the ones that were sheltered as a child and want to get buck wild when hit college because another phrase for college to them is FREE AT LAST. Or the ones that drown themselves in alcohol because they don't want to face their problems. Either way, i'm not one of those people. Myself and the company I keep are not about that lifestyle.


In closing, I'm at thru with the hints of racism on this campus and opposition to a free concert. If you don't like Snoop, don't effin' go.If you don't know who Snoop is but are using this Rape Culture excuse, SIT DOWN because you sound and look like a racist ass. You have the choice. Just like we had to choice to get Snoop do perform. It's bullshit. I don't like it. And I hope I'm starting some shyt by publishing this. It needs to be talked about. Can't wait for these comments :)

Peace, Love and
☮ & ♥


P.S: I'll post the link to the show once it's available. Under this post are some articles from The Daily Tar Heel in regards to the concert.

Concert to be moved to Amphitheater

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Lupe Fiasco - Superstar (at Duke University on 3/31/11)

Lupe Fiasco - Kick, Push (at Duke University on 3/31/11)

Lupe Fiasco - Instrumental/ State Run Radio (at Duke University on 3/31/11)

Lupe Fiasco - Shining Down (at Duke U on 3/31/11)

Lupe Fiasco - Scream (at Duke University on 3/31/11)

Lupe Fiasco - I Don't Wanna Care Right now (Duke U on 3/31/11)

Lupe Fiasco - Outta My Head (Duke U on 3/31/11)


So, as predicted, I return to you early Friday morning (TGIF) with a CRAP LOAD of footage from the Lupe Fiasco concert held at Duke (also spelled as DOOK) University. I am on such a high right now from the many adrenaline rushes in the past 3 hours. Plus, my jaw hurts from all of singing and smiling at the concert. I think I was violated by this guy with a West Indies accent but, it was all in the name of Wasalu Muhammad Jaco aka Lupe Fiasco aka one the greatest lyricist to walk this Earth. The next post will be pretty much first row footage from the concert. Enjoy and don't forget: Love Always Shines Everytime and Remember to Smile

Peace, Love and
☮ & ♥