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Song of The Week: J. Cole - Nobody's Perfect (ft. Missy Elliott)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Crap Tonne of News

What up, world?

I've got lots of new music for ya. Check the sidebar for Diggy's new video to his single"Copy, Paste". You all know I don't watch BET so, for those that either missed it or don't watch it either, the vid is streaming. Plus, check the "News in the World of Music" for news in regards to Talib Kweli, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean and more. Under this post, Mos Def posted this video via Facebook called "The Art of Rhyme". If you have a solid 80 minutes on your hands, please give it a watch. If you're a hip-hop lover, it's not an option not to watch. J. Cole dropped 5 songs, some heard and some not heard, earlier today over Twitter. The tracks are the Songs of the Week this week so, listen and download, if you please. Below, I went on Tyler Perry and his "craft". Read if you like. Stay listening to good music. Don't support leaks. Stay positive.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dear John letters to: Tyler Perry

So, my mother was watching "Meet the Browns" earlier today and she reminded me why I don't eff with him anymore. My reasons will be laid out in Dear John form.

Here we go

Dear Tyler Perry,

When did illiteracy become something to laugh about? I went to CMS from kindergarden to 8th grade. It was by the grace of GOD and my parents that I was able to become proficient in reading. The encouragement came from my parents. The books from the library. And teachers gave me only what was required of them.

Did you know in CMS, from kindergarden to 2nd grades, numbers are given instead of grades. You go to the next level EVEN if you technically fail. For example, in class, you get a numerical rating for reading comprehension. Pretty much, if you try, you pass. So, what happens to these kids when they get to 3rd grade? They've been told that they've been passing, reinforcing that what they've been doing is good. Parents and children get confused when they get to 3rd grade and see F's. The parent is like, "My child's been passing all this time? Where are these F's coming from?" when the reality is, they've always been there, but in numerical form.

I'm sorry but it's not funny when a grown ass man can't read 5th grade vocabulary words (Mr. Brown). I didn't know that was comedy.

Dear Tyler Perry,

When did alcoholism become your main source of "comedy" on your show? In the episode my mother was watching, the cast were making jokes about the alcoholic mother. She drinks constantly throughout the day, blacking out, sipping an entire bottle of champagne through a straw....Really tho?

LMAO! [Insert stereotypical "Black" name here] drinks vodka and tonic every day! Whew, that girl is a trip.


She's in stage 3 liver failure






I have alcoholics in my family and it's nothing to laugh about. It's a very serious problem. It is an addiction and a tragedy. I can guarantee when money is being stolen or young kids see Cousin So-and-So passed out on the floor, growing up to believe that it's normal behavior because adults want to turn a blind eye towards it, it's not funny.

Again, I didn't know destroying your body on a daily basis and not acknowledging the problem was comedy.

News to me.

Dear Tyler Perry,

Why, in most movies you make, the lighter skin male saves the day and the darker one either beats you you? Not to mention, the contradiction where the darker man is more successful than the lighter one. We all know the lighter you are, the higher you are, definitely in corporate America. Do I agree with this? Of course not. But let's not give the Caucasians who think all Black people are what you see on television more inaccurate things to believe. Here is the sad reality:

The majority of interaction between White and Black people is through the television screen.

Let's be honest. How many positive images do you see in the media on a daily basis of Black people?

Don't worry, I'll wait.

Tyler Perry, you're lying to everyone that watches your programming. Not all heavy set Black people are funny and illiterate. Not all skinny women and fit men are the only smart people in the family. Alcoholism is nothing to laugh about. So, where ever you got you humor from, I hope you have the receipt because you should return it.

It's not funny, it's embarrassing.

Sorry for all my readers looking for a music post. Check the Newsfeed for updates on J. Cole, Amy Winehouse and Talib Kweli.

Much love

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Amy Winehouse: Gone Too Soon

What up world

Yesterday, I found out, via Twitter, that Amy Winehouse was found dead in her UK apartment. Mind you, I am a tremendous aficionado of her music but, thanks to Twitter, people feel free to say what's on their mind about the lifestyle she lived.

This is perfectly acceptable.

It becomes unacceptable when your comments turn disrespectful. Yes, we all were well aware of her struggle with addiction but there is not need for tasteless jokes such as "They told her she should go to rehab but she said No, no, no".

Have some effin respect for the deceased.

If you're not a drug addict, never have been one or lived with one, you truly don't know what she possibly could have been going through. Even with her addiction, she achieved entirely more in the short span of 27 years than most of the ones cracking jokes on my TL will in their entire lifetime.

I just ask for people to have some class and show respect to those that have earned it or deserve it.

The song of the week was tweeted earlier today by Big Boi . It's a remix of Winehouse's "Tear Dry on their Own" done by Organized Noize/Dungeon Family. Madd props to Sir Lucious and his team.  Enjoy.

RIP to Amy Winehouse (September 14th, 1983 - July 23rd, 2011)
May her music live on.

Peace, love and
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Monday, July 4, 2011

Review: Memoirs of an Overacheiver: The Blendtape by Ivy Sole

Who is Ivy Sole?

Around a month ago, I was asking the same question but the North Carolina based femcee answered my question with the drop of her first mixtape, Memoirs of an Overacheiver: The Blendtape.  I’ll admit. I was a bit hesitant to give her a listen. I have plenty of people on my Facebook and Twitter dropping wack ass songs and I, frankly, was sick of people shouting over tracks with random burst of onomatopoeia and calling it ‘music’.

But I digress, and redirect to this mixtape (which does NOT feature shouting or random burst of onomatopoeia).

The tape is 14 tracks long, full big band and jazzy samples, something most people aren’t accustomed to hearing in music these days. No synthesizers or auto-tuning here. Sole samples such classics as Anita Baker’s ‘Apologize’ (on ‘No Apologies’) and some new school, Erykah Badu’s ‘On and On’ (‘Faith Talks’) and shows her skills as a lyricist on all of them.

 She makes sure you know her name with the opening track, ‘Sega’. First of all, the beat is siick. With her line, “allow me to introduce myself, allow me to tell you who I be. Don't mean to sound like a spelling bee, but it's I-V-Y S-O-L-E”, you may think she’s gonna be cutsie for some of this mixtape.

Not likely.

‘Takeoff’, the next track, you get hit again with the classy brass samples where the femcee gets a little feistier on this track, with lines like “You say it’s lonely at the top? I’ll be there in a jiffy”. Ivy Sole stays firing shots with tracks like ‘Supremacy’, where she comes out the gate spitting fire. “The definition of my competition is nonexistent. A plate of rap careers. Mmmmm. Sounds delicious”. This chick is taking no prisoners and if you’re not an emcee or a femcee (aka a rapper. There IS a difference…), to please take a seat and let the people with skills take the wheel.

Now, I’m not gonna lie. You can tell some this stuff was done in a bedroom sans padding and an iffy mic (When I’m Gone) but, don’t sleep on her just because some of the tracks lack studio quality. Her rhymes make up for anything lacking in the sound quality department.

We have ‘Aqua’: I love this track because it sounds like she was inspired by the beat and started to flow. None of this sounds rehearsed! This chick knows what she’s doing.

We have ‘No Apologies’: for the nay-sayers and anyone that doubts that she’s got skills. “Producing masterpieces. Rhymes so immaculate. I speak life so my diction is ejaculate.”

Sick, no?

 Then, we get to see a more vulnerable side of Ivy Sole within the track, 'Candy Rain'. She gets a lil grown rapping about sex and being in the moment but, we’re all adults here. You can handle it. Reminiscent of Jean Grae with her singing her hooks along with rhyming on the track, the beat is a bit slower, and again, Sole shows versatility when she flows over various tempos on her tracks.

I can understand why she calls Memoirs a blendtape. Ivy Sole shows here diversity of her flow by showing just what she can rap over. Plus, the mix of styles of music on this thing. This tape is blended with 90’s Hip-Hop and inspirations of jazz and R&B soul. We can’t forget the multi-dimensions of this femcee. On ‘Star Chaser’, we learn about her coming to grips with herself as a writer and as a musician. This may be my favorite track on the blendtape, for the reason that you understand her struggle and you gain more respect for her, if her sheer lyrics didn’t already seal the deal for you. Speaking of Ivy Sole as a writer, we hear the poet within on ‘Faith Talks’. The majority of the second half of the track is pure spoken word. In all honesty, all of the tracks are poetry in motion over a pretty slick beat.

As I draw to a close, I urge you to give this chick a listen and a download (the links are below). Ivy Sole is coming after anyone who’s doubted this existence of Hip-Hop in the 21st century, those that have the audacity to put ‘Hip-Hop’ in the ‘Genre’ section when they title their tracks.

Memoirs Of An Overachiever by Ivy Sole is where Hip-Hop lives.

We can hear the origin of her roots are in R&B soul and can see that she respects the greats. All good emcees pay homage and understand whom paved the way. The crazy thing is… she’s good yet she has plenty room to grow. Ivy Sole was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. Some of her major influences are Skyzoo, the Jamla Army and early and 90’s Hip-Hop. Sole is currently unsigned but has aspirations to be part of Jamla Records and to be on the cover of XXL Freshman Class by 2014. In the meantime, she’ll be getting helluva education up at UPenn in Philadelphia (what a backup plan, huh?)  and hopefully putting out more tracks like those on this debut mixtape.

So, I hope you give her a listen. She’s got skills. I wouldn't steer you wrong! Hit her up on Twitter and Facebook. Show her some love if you like what you hear.To tie you over if you love the mixtape, she just released a new track called ‘Noche’ . Enjoy. Remember to tell her who sent you :) Deuces!


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Twitter: @IvySole_panache

THE MIXTAPE (yet again): Memoirs of an Overachiever

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