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Song of The Week: J. Cole - Nobody's Perfect (ft. Missy Elliott)

Monday, October 10, 2011

They Said I'm Like Oprah...


I am so sorry that I've been so neglectful. I've been up to my eyelids in school work + extra curriculars. UNC ain't no joke. Anywho, guess who has tickets to the J. Cole show in Charlotte!

This gurl.

And just like with Sir Wasalu, I will be getting there as early as possible, armed with my video camera. Be on the look out for those videos. For all of those that have copped the album, twice, you understand. Not to mention Friday Night Lights, The Warm Up, Nigga From the Ville, The Come Up, Any Given Sunday(s)...need I say more.  By 1am the next day, Cole was on the iTunes Top Ten TWICE. #1 was the explicit version while #10 was the clean copy. He sold 215,000 in the first week, beating out his boss, Jay-Z, and Kanye for the amount of purchases on iTunes on the release date. Of course, he hasn't outsold him in general but, it's still a big milestone nonetheless. Two weeks before the album drop, it was already #1 on Amazon's pre-order music chart. A peak into the future anyone?

If you have yet to get the album, I will give you 12 bucks, shoot. You are one of the few that DON'T have it.

This is an exaggeration. I'm a college student i.e I have money for food and laundry (and a select few concerts that are not optional to see).

I'm beyond excited. The Song of the week is my favorite track (if i had to choose) from Cole World: The Sideline Story is "Nobody's Perfect" . It has a 90's music vibe, especially with the Missy Elliott feature. All is missing is our angel, Aaliyah. The track is hot. Give it a listen.

I've been slipping but, I will try my best to update on a weekly/daily basis again. I know you all are thirsty for some good music and only good music. I'm sick of the so-called music blogs that tweet shyt like Amber Rose nude pics or photos of Meagan Good having sex.


Get to the music.

So, that's what I'm gonna continue to give you. Music and only music. It's all about J. Cole this week. The vid featured was found via Not Quite Millionaires blog has Cole on Hip Hop Nation doing "Lost Ones". Another favorite of mine. If you're a Lupe fan, it sounds like the prequel to "He Say, She Say" . Love LOVE LOVE the track. The next post will be about this documentary shown on VH1 called "Planet Rock: The Story of Hip-Hop". I have some opinions on this and I want to see what you all think. I'm in the process of finding an online streaming version of the doc.

Along with J. Cole, Phonte dropped his album "Charity Starts at Home" the same day with ex-Little Brother member 9th Wonder's "The Wonder Years". They've been put on the back burner only because I see J. Cole this Thursday so, my iPod has been Cole pretty much 24/7. Both 9th and Phonte are coming close to my university @ Cat's Cradle later this month, October 23rd. I'll go if the budget allots it. Friday morning, it'll be all about Phonte and 9th. For now, it's a Cole World. 

Just wanted to give you all a lil sumthin'. Check out the slightly altered background to the blog.  Much love. Keep supporting good music. And make sure to keep an extra pair of headphones, just in case the ones you have blow out. :)

Peace, Love and
☮ & ♥


P. S

Blog post title coming from J. Cole's "Return of Simba"


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